The Monichino Family


Carlo Monichino and wife Margaret started their lifelong dream of building a winery over 50 years ago in 1962.



The story begins when Carlo migrated from Piemonte, Italy in 1949 to escape the harsh conditions and poverty of his war torn country. After arriving in Melbourne after 20 days of boat travel, Carlo made his way to Queensland to work on the sugar cane plantations as a cane cutter, describing it as some of the hardest work he has ever endured. However, Carlo had a lesser known passion in music, and by 1952 he had joined the municipal band and travelled around Queensland playing the trumpet. Carlo played Trumpet on the Boat Sebastiano Caboto with Louis Armstrong.

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In the same year two of his brothers had left Italy and travelled to Australia and Carlo headed back to Melbourne to meet them, but Carlo couldn't stay still for long and went further north to Shepparton with seven shillings and four pence to his name. A transport company offered him work and after discovering Carlo could speak English he was given the job of a truck driver. Through this time Carlo enjoyed speaking to local farmers of the area and began to learn new skills in mechanics and fitting and turning. He also realised that the Goulburn Valley was perfect for growing grapes.


Soon after moving to Shepparton Carlo met his wife to be Margaret, they married not long after and had two children. Settled now with wife Margaret and their two young children, Carlo decided it was time to turn his dreams of making wine into a reality. With this is mind the family moved to an Estate in Katunga that was perfect for planting a vineyard and also welcoming their third child. 


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                                                                     Margaret, Carlo, Anna and Phillip. 1962

Carlo was the first person to apply for the vignerons license after the war and started studying wine making at a college in Dookie. After years of hard work and dedication Carlo and Margaret opened the original cellar door in what was once their car port and sold wine to the local people and passers-by. The winery was progressing and getting bigger and bigger with every member of the family of five being involved. Margaret's cheerful face could be found in the cellar door with the cheeky youngest son, while Carlo and his oldest son would work the vineyard. The dream had come true for Carlo and Margaret, their years of dedication, perserverance, faith and hard work had all paid off. But all was not to be.


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 Carlo, Terry and Margaret  1977            Carlo, Trevor, Sir Rowan Delicomb, Margaret                  Original Cellar door          


Suddenly tragedy struck and Margaret became very sick with cancer. She fought as best she could, but her struggle ended in 1988 when she passed away. With the back bone of the family missing it was time for the next generation to step in and run the show. Carlo remained winemaker while his eldest son Phil helped in the vineyard. Daughter Anna would take over her mother Margaret's role and started to run the cellar door while youngest son Terry would go off to Charles Sturt University and study winemaking and eventually working in the wine industry overseas.


In 2000 the winery had expanded enough to open a new cellar door big enough to hold the 27 varities of wine made at the winery, and you could find Anna managing the sales along with brother Terry as the winemaker. In 2012 the Monichino family celebrated their 50 year anniversary and are still going strong.


staff 50 years

    Monichino Family and Staff  Monichino Wines 2012



Today you can still find Terry and Anna at the winery. All family members are involved in the business in some way or another.It is a truely family owned and run winery with the rich Italian culture still flowing strong.

Carlo Monichino , our founding winemaker passed away this year in September. We will miss his charasmatic personality and I am sure our customers will too! He leaves behind a great legacy and winery.




Cellar Door


The Monichino Wines cellar door is open 6 days a week with opening hours being 9am-5pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am-5pm on the weekend. Call in for a friendly chat over our award winning wines. Our friendly staff can help you with your wine selection and offer you information on food and wine matches. Take the time to relax in our garden with a Grazing platter and a glass of wine. 


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Monichino Wines

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Founding father Carlo Monichino Founding father Carlo Monichino



Chief wine maker Terry Monichino Chief wine maker Terry Monichino



Anna Sergi cellar door manager Anna Sergi cellar door manager