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Monichino Wine Club is about rewarding customers who are passionate about Monichino Wines, creating fantastic discount packages, allowing you to indulge in quality wines.


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*Select allocated time(s) of year for delivery. (Minimum once a Year)


*Select one of the following Monichino Wine Club Packs which you would like to receive each delivery.

6 x Sauvignon Blanc,

6 x Chardonnay



Member Price $158 ($186 value)

4 x Merlot,

4 x Shiraz,

4 x Cabernet Sauvignon


Member Price $180 ($204 value)

6 x Pinot Grigio,

6 x Barbera


Member Price $193 ($228 value)

2 x Sauvignon Blanc, 2x Riesling,

2x Chardonnay,

2x Cabernet Sauvignon, 2x Merlot, 2x Shiraz


Member Price $178 ($184 value)

3 x Rose Petals, 3 x Orange Muscat,

3 x Moscato Bianco, 3 x Rosso Dolce



Member Price $145 ($168 value)

2 x Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

2 x Single Vineyard Shiraz

2 x Single Vineyard Heathcote Shiraz


Member Price $210 ($240 value)

1 x 2008 Vintage, 1 x Old Tawny (30yr old)

1 x Liqueur Shiraz

1 x White Forti, 1 x Aromatica

1 x Classic Liqueur Muscat (40yr old)

Member Price $133 ($141 value)


Terms & Conditions

If you need to change your package, or change time of year delivered, please contact us at least a week before your selected month. via e-mail, fax or letter. You may cancel your membership after two years without a cancellation fee, this forfeits your benefits as a wine club member. If a wine in your selection is out of stock, Monichino will replace the wine with the closest alternative in our range.


I Authorise Monichino Wines to enrol me as a member of their wine club, and debit my nominated credit card, and any card issued to me in renewal or replacement therefore with the cost of my wine deliveries as they occur per the schedule nominated to the right. I understand my wine pack will be shipped automatically as per my nominated schedule and that I may change my pack selection and cancel my membership (A cancellation fee applies within the first two years of membership) in writing to Monichino at any time prior to my dispatchment of my next wine pack without penalty's agree to have a Minimum Commitment of 2 years. I understand I will be charged freight.I am liable to pay for only those wine packs that have been dispatched prior to my membership change/cancellation notification. My signature below indicates I have read, understood and accepted the Monichino Wine club Policies and Conditions at right.


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