Monichino wines are really excited about their new release 2017 Blanc de Blanc Method Traditionnelle.

Visiting winemaker Marine Fouchet and Terry Monichino have produced an amazing Blanc de Blanc Methode Traditionnelle.

Mx Fouche learned her craft in the famous French wine province of Champagne, where she studied a masters degree in wine science and a masters of viticulture in Burgundy. After completing her study, Ms Fouchet went on to work in research and development with Moet Chandon before she came to Australia. She had a special interest in the sparkling variety for which her homeland is famous, and has created this wine in Katunga.

THE WINE Chill the wine well and then open. You will get that lovely pop of a true sparkling. The nose is delicate with lemon and floral overtones. When pouring, it bubbles up nicely in the glass and when these larger bubbles dissipate you are left with a beautiful straw-coloured wine with excellent pearl. The acid in the wine has integrated near perfectly to give you a wine which shows some goo, aged flavours with soft clean finish. Once in the mouth you get a marvellous cremant experience which is like a foaming explosion of flavour and joy!

Price $35.00 bottle.

In 2004 Carlo Monichino produced a fortified wine from 100% Shiraz grapes. This wine became known as our 2004 Vintage. This wine will improve in the bottle as they age and this wine has a life expectancy of 30 years plus.

Price $22.00 Bottle.

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Also Anna is really enjoying the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon which is a big, smooth full flavoured red.

Price $22.00 bottle.

For the Summer months a fantastic wine is the Italian Barbera which matches your Antipasto platters perfectly.

Price $19.00 bottle.

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